Retirement or Senior Cohousing in Dallas-Fort Worth
DFW Area Welcomes Cohousing for Retirees

Retirement Housing in an Active Cohousing Community

The autumn of your life begins when you reach the age of 50--or--when you retire. Retirement is as much a step into the unknown as your trip to college or the first day of your first job. You need support at this time and friends you can count on for the rest of your life. 

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Retirement Cohousing Expands Your Active Lifestyle It is very easy to retire to a rocking or reclining chair with a book/television. Most retirees create a more active lifestyle in a cohousing community than they would seek on their own.  From walking to attending local events to traveling, it is easier to be active when you have friends of like mind to accompany you.

Deciding If Retirement Cohousing Is Your Correct Choice Potential questions to help you decide if cohousing is the correct choice for you--questions to ask yourself and questions to ask your prospective  cohousing neighbors.

Ecohousing: A Green Retirement for Money and the Environment Many of us who reach retirement age now will build environmentally "green" housing in Dallas-Fort Worth to do the right thing. Yet, there is a undeniable  financial reason to build earth-friendly homes.

Common House in Retirement Cohousing The common house maintains community and keeps it viable. It is the heart of a retirement cohousing community.

The Innumerable Benefits of Retirement/Senior Cohousing These benefits in DFW include physical safety, better mental & physical health, time saved, resources saved, money saved,  alleviation of loneliness and/or  isolation, people you can count on, and more.

The Importance of Autos Recedes in Retirement Cohousing When seniors move into a cohousing community, an amazing thing happens: The importance of having and driving a car begins to ebb. 

What Is Shared and What Is Private in Retirement  Cohousing?  Some aspects of retirement cohousing are shared; others are private. Most find they can be as private as they wish.

Friction Making Community Decisions There are some decisions that are more likely to cause friction than others in retirement cohousing--such as alcohol, pets, noise, animals...

How Much Does It Cost? That is the universal question.  Although most retirement housing is sold at market rate; many seniors can not afford market rate. Understanding costs for retirement cohousing. 

Are Rentals a Source of Income for Seniors in DFW or a Potential Nuisance? There are some good reasons to include rentals in your retirement cohousing community. Yet, owning rentals is not for everyone.

What Are the Usual Common Areas in Senior CohousingAlthough a common house is probably universal in cohousing communities, it is just one of the common areas in senior cohousing.

Locating Retirement Cohousing in Dallas-Fort Worth Planning for further cohousing in our area has started. Stay tuned!

Planning Outdoor Common Areas for Retirement Cohousing Planning for outdoor common areas takes careful consideration. It is very important in retirement cohousing to plan for both the present and the future.

Gardens in Retirement Cohousing If you love your garden, be assured you will find both vegetable and flower gardens in retirement cohousing. 

Near Universal Features of Retirement Housing There are some features that many retirement cohousing communities have in common. There are some features that many retirement cohousing communities have in common.

Aging in Retirement Cohousing Is Both Delightful and Graceful Aging in a cohousing community is often both a delightful and graceful process.

What About Attracting Younger People in Retirement Cohousing There are ways to enjoy  younger people while living in a DFW retirement cohousing community.

What About Children? Be careful when excluding families with children. They are protected by federal law.

Social Isolation & Loneliness Relating to Dementia & Alzheimer Disease Social isolation in old age has been associated with the risk of developing dementia, but the risk associated with perceived isolation, or loneliness, is not well understood.

Features of  Common House as the heart and soul of the community. This is what keeps seniors enjoying an active retirement.

Finding Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex Retirement Cohousing Communities Retirement cohousing is arriving in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Seniors in retirement cohousing age within a strong support group of friends. Cohousing allows residents to leave that community for travel in confidence that their home in Dallas-Fort Worth is safe while they are away and welcomes them when they return.

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